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4-Ingredient Iced Oat Milk Matcha Latte Recipe

Yields1 ServingPrep Time2 minsCook Time3 minsTotal Time5 mins

 1 tsp high-quality ceremonial grade Japanese matcha powder
  cup hot water
 ½ tsp almond extract
 1 cup barista blend oat milk
 1 tbsp honey or brown sugar (optional)

Combine the hot water and matcha powder in a heat resistant glass or mug. Whisk vigorously (see note in post) until a thick, frothy layer of tiny bubbles has formed. Add honey or brown sugar now if desired and whisk. It's important to add the sweetener when the drink is still warm, so it will dissolve. Let the mixture cool to room temperature.


Once the drink has cooled down, add the barista blend oat milk and the almond extract. Mix until combined. Finish the iced latte off with 3 to 4 ice cubes and a stainless steel straw. Enjoy!